Literally yolo

“No one has a purpose. If you don’t believe in fate or god then you know that already. However, you can accept the absurdity that is life and choose your own purpose. What that purpose is won’t come from some anon on the internet. You’re the only one that can decide it to truly achieve satisfaction in life. Follow your dreams or help someone achieve theirs. Have fun, do drugs, drink, party, go to an art gallery, a play, the park, a museum, or live like a hermit playing games all day. Doesn’t matter. Literally yolo.”


Creating Purpose from Purposelessness 

“My cat is sitting on the side of my desk sleeping. Do you think she’s pondering her impact on the universe? I can’t say for sure, but I doubt she is. I doubt most animals do so, which means that humans may be uniquely capable of such thoughts. I once read that consciousness allows us to “time travel” mentally – to reflect on the past and consider the future. This is both a curse and a blessing as it allows us to plan and to learn in ways that animals appear unable to do so. They do act on their futures (birds build nests, animals dig holes for dens, birds fly to different locations according to weather patterns, etc.), but they do it instinctually, not as a result of reflection or (seemingly) consciousness.
That doesn’t make us better, but it does raise a question. Why are *we* capable of such thinking? It’s unlikely to be totally random, though I would not be arrogant enough to say it’s the consequence of evolution (it might be a spandrel to be conscious, though it’d be a big one). Is your ability to torture yourself with the thoughts you’re having a random product or does that ability serve some purpose? 
I think that part of what is happening with people in the current age is that they are so self-conscious about having a purpose that they do things like label them “superficial” and “delusional”. You don’t get to decide what purpose people have in life and whether it is something they made up to have meaning. We don’t know that we have a purpose. We also don’t know that we don’t. Once you stop judging everyone else and are ready, you can start freely exploring the possibilities for yourself rather than locking yourself in a box of despair because you’ve decided you are too smart to be fooled into believing anything like other people seem to do. 
Incidentally, the reason you can’t “live in the moment” is because you’re not designed that way. Human consciousness doesn’t allow that, so don’t fight it, but I’d say it’s time to get out of the box mentally and consider a range of possibilities. People aren’t “blinded by” purposes. It is what allows them to realize their potential and act in life rather than sit around feeling that their lives are pointless. If it’s a fiction that allows them to act and be happy, then I’d say that’s fulfillment of human potential to create purpose from purposelessness.”