“First of all, let’s understand that humans are nothing more than one of thousands of different species on this planet. We, like birds or fish or dogs, live here for a period of time and then pass away. But unlike all other species, we are distinct in one thing: We contemplate our reason for being and deduce that there must be reason behind it. Think about it: Does a monkey ever ask, “Why am I here?” Does a whale ask “What is my purpose?” Does a goat think “Have I succeeded, am I happy?”

NO! No other species dwells on such things. They live their lives moment to moment. They do not plan their meals, they do not set their clocks and create their schedules, overbooking their time, so that they are constantly rushed. Only humans do these things. But why?

It is because humans and humans alone are intelligent enough to believe that there must be more. There must be reason for this. There must be a purpose.

And that’s where we are wrong. Now here’s a strong statement that is true: Everything about you, your sense of humor, your intelligence, your creativity, your compassion, your motivation; all of what makes you YOU, will be forgotten within two generations of your death. Your children will remember your love, and maybe your grandchildren but after them, you will only be a picture on a wall or a name in the annals of history. But what makes you who you are, distinct and unique, will be forgotten forever. Just like all other species. Sad.”


Author: Tia the Nursing Student

My journey to becoming a registered nurse. I am a coffee and tea enthusiast.

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